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Trips to Los Vados 

Our Sister Parish in Guatemala

Fr. Tom Hemm, along with several parishioners, visited our sister parish to sign the covenant in 2001.     

A second trip was made to Los Vados in July 2002. The group of parishioners included:                               

                                     Fr. Tom Hemm, Ruthie Hemrick, Pat Kaple, Andrea Klass, Gillian Klass, Cathy Klass, and Taryn Ruhe.

     In April of 2005 a group of six parishioners (Jeff & Brenda Alt, Dan & Deb Velasquez, Cathy & Norm Klass) visited Los Vados to join in the celebration of water in the homes.

Presentation of the Progress made

2006 Trip to Guatemala:  July 17-24, 2006

Adults:  Patricia Kaple, Fr. Tim Knepper, Chris Kuhlman, Teresa Lanwehr, Dan Velasquez

Youth:  Addie Kaple, Jacqueline Kruse, Dana Lanwehr,  Renee Schroeder, Britany Selhorst


June 21-28, 2011 a group of eight parishioners visited San Rafael, Los Vados to see all the improvements they've been able to make at their parish.

Those traveling were:  Sherri Ford, Addie Kaple, Tim & Phyllis Macke, Vicki & Kazee Otto, Vickie Pendergast, Dan Velasquez

Sts. Peter & Paul (SPPP) had been working with the Society of the Precious Blood Mission Coordinator, Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, to find a sister parish in Guatemala. Pastoral Council formally approved the CPPS Parish Twinning Program in February 2001.

The Precious Blood Society sponsors twinning programs to:

  • foster relationships between CPPS led faith communities in the US and in the mission churches of Guatemala,Chile, and Peru.
  • model our belief that we are all members of the One Body of Christ, the one Universal Church, through a mutual sharing of faith and gifts from God.

We have formed a Sister Parish Committee which is responsible for:

  • maintaining and fostering the relationship with their sister community; this includes a willingness to visit the sister community in the missions
  • keeping their parish informed about the twinning relationships and its activities
  • coordinating any fundraising activity